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  1. Do you currently have an existing analogue CCTV system & are not happy with the recorded images?

    Is it too hard or too costly to cable cameras for an IP Surveillance Solution?

    Would you like to utilise existing CCTV cabling to achieve High Definition Megapixel images?

    You would like to upgrade but don’t want to upgrade all your existing cameras at once!

    If you answered YES to all the above HD-SDI CCTV could be the High Definition CCTV Solution for you.


    high definition - sdi cctv 

    HDSDI Security Surveillance Systems are available in the form of Digital Video Recording Systems Australia who are located in Perth WA. Specialising in the Design & Installation of High Definition Surveillance Systems. Here at CCTV Perth we recommend the use of High Resolution Cameras & Superior Quality equipment when considering security surveillance applications. CCTV and IP Camera Surveillance System Installations throughout WA.


    If you require a surveillance system for a Business application you have come to the right place. Please contact us to discuss your application.

  2. Check out the new Panasonic Intercom. It has a front door station with a 170' Angle of view, an internal fixed LCD touch screen monitor & a wireless handset with screen & charge cradle.

     Model:         VL-SWD501AZ/UAZ







    The Panasonic Wirless Intercom is available through CCTV Perth in the form of Digital Video Recording Systems Australia (DVRSA) located in Perth WA.

    The cost of the kit Supply only is approximately $950.00 + GST. 

    If you require a Panasonic Intercom feel free to contact us for availability.

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