Honeywell IP Network Video Recorder

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Honeywell IP Network Video Recorder

Performance Series IP NVRs
4, 8 & 16 Channel PoE Embedded NVRs

HEN04112 H.264 4CH NVR 1 TB, 4 PoE
HEN04122 H.264 4CH NVR 2 TB, 4 PoE
HEN08112 H.264 8CH NVR 1 TB, 8 PoE
HEN08122 H.264 8CH NVR 2 TB, 8 PoE
HEN08142 H.264 8CH NVR 4 TB, 8 PoE
HEN16122 H.264 16CH NVR 2 TB, 16 PoE
HEN16142 H.264 16CH NVR 4 TB, 16 PoE
HEN16162 H.264 16CH NVR 6 TB, 16 PoE

HEN04102 H.264 4CH NVR 4 PoE
HEN08102 H.264 8CH NVR 8 PoE
HEN16102 H.264 16CH NVR 16 PoE

ip h nvr 1

ip h nvr 2

ip h nvr 3

ip h nvr 4

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This product is now available from Digital Video Recording Systems Australia.

Here at CCTVPERTH.NET we recomend the use of superior quality equipment when considering security surveillance applications.

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Commercial Security Camera Surveillance Systems are available in the form of Digital Video Recording Systems Australia who are located in Perth WA.

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