LCD Screens

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LCD Screens

DVRSA also stock a range of LCD monitors. Our professional grade LCD monitors can suit almost any application. With current digital technology, these monitors provide enhanced image reproduction with optimized color, enhanced contrast, and higher resolution.  They also have tempered glass screens that will withstand the type of abuse and cleanings that are common in commercial use environments.

E2450SWH Monitor

  • dvrsa led screens23.6 inch LED Monitor 
  • Dynamic Contrast Ratio (DCR) 
  • 20,000,000:1 super high contrast ratio displays content with more detail than ever before. 
  • Green LED Monitor 
  • Lower power consumption 100% Mercury (Hg) free.


Direct insert for easy plug-in

Direct insert video ports makes it much easier to connect the monitor cables directly into the rear of the monitor cable compared to the older style of downward facing connectors.

Hair-line Texture

A fine grained textured finish graces the rear of the monitor cabinet giving an elegant yet lightweight appearance.

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