• Brand: D-Link
  • Model: DNR-326


Trustworthy Surveillance
Reliable network camera surveillance recorder for home and business
Record video from up to nine network cameras
View real-time video of all nine cameras from anywhere in your home or office, or remotely via the Internet
Allows concurrent viewing and recording

Convenient Interface
ƒEffortless network camera setup and management
User-friendly interface provides simultaneous live view, recording, and playback
Continuous or scheduled recording with automatic overwrite function
Reliable backup and power failure recovery functions

Precision Technology
ƒSmart Search technology accelerates and simplifies event investigation
Green solution: Consumes less power and eliminates the need for a dedicated PC for continuous recording
Live monitoring includes full-screen, snapshot, and pan/tilt/zoom (PTZ) control
Precision playback with step/fast forward/rewind and video enhancement
Export video as AVI or ASF with timestamp
Calendar search and video preview

Easy Setup and Configuration
Directly connectable to the Internet as PPoE support eliminates the need to install a remote router
Supports PPPoE, DHCP, and Static IP assignment
2-bay SATA 3.5” HDD interface
Up to 6 TB of hard disk storage space of recorded video1
RAID 0/1 and JBOD support

Dependable Data Security
Protects important surveillance files with automatic backups to mirrored hard drives using RAID 1 technology2
USB connection to UPS possible for power failure notification

Flexible and Scalable
Stand-alone device: Eliminates the need for a dedicated PC
Supports D-Link and 3rd party network cameras.