High Definition - SDI CCTV (OLD)

WHAT IS HD-SDI CCTV?                                                  HD-SDI ADVANTAGES

High Definition – Serial Digital Interface (HD-SDI) CCTV is a progression from analogue standard definition CCTV (SD-CCTV). It utilises the same technology as used in broadcast HD television which gives a much enhanced image compared to standard resolution.

HD-SDI CCTV is positioned between standard definition and Mega pixel IP-CCTV.

The primary advantage of HD is one of cost.

Another major advantage is that the HD signal can be carried over conventional coaxial cable (RG 59) meaning that a full re-cabling can be avoided. (With IP-CCTV all cabling must be replaced with CAT5e/ CAT6 Network cable or adapters used)

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HD-SDI CCTV offers the following advantages:

• From 1080 lines of resolution (2 Mega pixels) resulting in clearer images.
• Transmission over existing RG59 (coaxial) cable in most cases.
• Many features of entry level IP-CCTV without the equivalent cost.
• Proven broadcast standard of HD-SDI – easy to configure.
• Installation is more straightforward as no “IP Networking” is required

You can still utilise existing cameras on the HD-SDI DVR & upgrade cameras when required.

You do not have to upgrade all the cameras at once.

An Ideal application for hotels & apartment blocks where existing cabling can be utilised.


cctv2510 (hdr-250d)

cctv2550 (hdor-230d)
 cctv2610 (hur-230)